Cake Info

The covering of the cake can vary according the style and design of the cake. The most popular covering is fondant, which has the highest quality in regards to both texture and flavor; underneath the fondant we use either buttercream or chocolate ganache. The majority of times, the decision on what will accompany the fondant will be determined by the specific form of the cake, so that a secure structure and desired final product can be achieved.

If the design permits it, and to adjust to the budget of the client, we can also provide an excellent finish on cakes covered with buttercream icing. All decorations are made by hand and with edible and non-toxic products. It´s important to highlight that we don´t allow ourselves to use pre-fabricated plastic or other non-edible objects; this is to ensure our clients the exclusivity of the design, as well as to conserve our prestige.

Special cases are applied to wedding cakes, that on occasion require decoration with natural flowers or specific cake toppers, which are part of the tradition of these types of events. Listed below are the choices of cake and filling flavors that we provide, so the client may pick their own unique combination.

Cake Flavors and Cake Fillings

Popular Cake Flavors Our New Cake Flavors Popular Fillings and Combinations **we can create any buttercream flavor with the jam of your choice (such as peach, orange, blueberry, etc.) Some Other Yummy Buttercream Ideas Other Fillings

Cake Sizing and Serving Guide

Wedding Cakes

There are many details to consider in planning one of the most important days in a couple´s life, and we are delighted to be able to design and develop the traditional element that is a wedding cake.

Be it shaping a romantic and traditional style in multiple tiers or creating a modern and bold style in a 3D cake, we´ll make your wedding cake spectacular and according to your own style. To uphold the Sofi Creative Cakes mission to provide custom designed cakes that reflect the style of the client and event, we want you to bring us the details about your wedding so that according to that we can create the perfect cake for you. A wedding cake should reflect who you are as a couple, so anything could bring inspiration to it; how you met, how the groom proposed, common interests, decor from the wedding, etc.

Pricing After many tries to obtain the perfect formula to estimate price, which is very complicated to do with individual and unique works, we came to the conclusion that to give a fair and convenient estimate we must take into account 2 fundamental parameters: the amount of portions expected to be served by the cake and the design of the cake, which can range from something simple to something very elaborate.

Because of this, the initial conversation with the customer is extremely important. This allows us to work on each individual quote with personalized attention.

--Orders for Cakes Over $600

For wedding cakes and other cakes over $600, we offer upon appointment, a taste testing of three combinations of cake and filling flavors (see list of cake and icing flavors) The tasting should be scheduled at least a month in advance or according to the availability of our calendar. It has a cost of $30 that will be considered as part of the total estimate of the cake price once the order is confirmed.