About Us

Upon looking through our photo gallery, it´s easy to see that the common denominator is the effort to create a unique design that successfully expresses the identity of each client; meanwhile making the majority of the decoration edible. Any theme is possible to execute and almost anything can be represented in a cake with the confectionary materials available to us, so long as they don´t exceed the limits of gravity and physics. Our creative process starts with the conversation between us and the customer- be it through the phone, computer, or in person (if the project requires it) - where it´s very important to grasp the ideas and aspirations of our client, to then translate the project in detail to a sketch, which is then subject to the client´s approval. We want to offer an original, creative, and artistic concept when developing our tiered or 3-Dimensional cakes with the most edible materials as possible, and making each figure a sweet, handmade work of art.

Sofia Tricerri

As the founder of this dream called Sofi Creative Cakes, I´m proud to present myself not only as the designer and creator, but also as a vigorous Ecuadorian immigrant that with effort and dedication is making a project of several years shine. My natural artistic talent has driven me throughout life to get involved in painting, drawing, crafting, and whatever hands-on project that I could experiment with; which is why I combined that with cake-making, making art edible. My university studies in Ecuador were related with marketing, which helped to push this hobby to become an economically productive activity. I deeply believe in constant improvement and learning which is why I educated myself on this subject through various classes taught by renowned bakers and sugar artists. My greatest yearnings are to spread happiness with every cake, to create artistic cakes that reflect the wishes of every person that trusts in my designs. My greatest challenge is to make every detail on my cake edible, and to keep the style.